Roaming Charges

Roam Like at Homre

The EU has been battling to abolish roaming charges for many years. From June 15th 2017 this will become a reality for all Europeans. For far too long we have been ripped off for using our mobile phones in another EU country.

Some mobile operators have attempted to find loopholes in the new law that simply do not exist. The fundamental principal of “Roam Like at Home” must be respected. Operators cannot impose higher roaming charges by modifying consumer’s contracts.

I encourage any citizen who believes their operator is not respecting the new law from June 15th to report the case to COMREG, who has the power to take action.

The abolition of roaming charges shows that Europe can be practical and useful in citizens’ everyday life. It is pro EU citizens and pro-consumer.

Click Here to view European Commission Fact Sheet on Abolition of Roaming Charges