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Better protection for European Railway passengers on the way for 2020

Passengers travelling by rail throughout the EU can look forward to greater protection when faced with delays and other disruptions, said Brian Hayes MEP.

“The European Parliament’s Committee for Transport and Tourism voted this week to reform legislation in order to boost the rights of railway passengers. The new rules will be voted on in plenary later this month or in November and should then apply from 2020,” he explained.

The new rules will apply throughout Europe and for all rail services, whether they are private, public, regional or international. New safeguards include:

  • Where a train is delayed for more than two hours, passengers will be refunded the full cost of their ticket
  • For delays of up to two hours, passengers will be reimbursed by 75% of the ticket price
  • For delays of up to 1.5 hours, passengers will be reimbursed by 50% of the ticket price
  • The introduction of a Single Ticket which will allow passengers to be better protected when buying a ticket via an internet platform. In the event of a missed connection, this Single Ticket will also guarantee the use of the next rail service, regardless of the operating company and without any additional cost
  • Railway companies will be obliged to make space for bicycles on all trains they operate

“I am particularly pleased to see the needs of passengers with disabilities being adequately provided for in these new proposals. Instead of registering hours in advance with the rail company to say they intend to travel and will require assistance, passengers will be able to present themselves spontaneously at the station and ask for personal assistance, which is as it should be,” Mr. Hayes added.

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