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New EU Rules could bring down the cost of Sun Cream – Hayes

Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Monday) said that new EU proposals could see a reduction in the cost of sun cream. The Dublin MEP was speaking following a response he received from the European Commission to a Parliamentary Question.

“Proposals by the European Commission to reform VAT rates across the EU could see Member States given more say on the VAT rates applied to certain items. The current rules only allow Member States to apply reduced VAT on some items such as pharmaceutical products. However, suncream is not listed as an eligble pharmaceutical product.”

“Under new proposals the Government would have a greater say in what products would qualify for reduced VAT rates. Given the importance and the necessairty of sun cream protection it would make perfect sense for the Government to reduce the VAT on suncream, making it more affordable. It makes no sense that the same rate of VAT is charged on sun cream protection as is charged on sunbeds. “

“I encourage the Government to pursue this matter with the European Council to ensure the proposals are adopted” concluded MEP Hayes


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