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140 Irish 18 Year olds to get free Inter Rail pass this Summer – Hayes

Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Thursday) urged 18-year-old Irish citizens interested in exploring Europe to apply for a free Inter Rail ticket when applications open next week (12th June.) The Dublin MEP was speaking ahead of the launch of DiscoverEU, which will provide 140 free Inter Rail tickets to 18-year-old Irish citizens this Summer.

“The EU has introduced many programmes that have benefited young people such as Erasmus.  DiscoverEU is another way that young people can benefit and at the same time promote tourism and social cohesion. Next week 15,000 EU citizens aged 18 will get the opportunity to travel across Europe for free this Summer.”

“2018 is a pilot project for DiscoverEU with a limited number of tickets available. Tickets are distributed based on the population of each Member State. If the programme is successful, a commitment has already been given to expand the project in future years.”

“In the case of Ireland, 140 Irish citizens will have the opportunity to travel across the EU Inter Rail network from France to Estonia or Denmark to Italy. Even countries that are not in the EU such as Turkey, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia can be visited as they form part of the Inter Rail network. Furthermore, the EU will assist citizens from countries such as Ireland, Malta and Cyprus who have additional travel costs to reach the Inter Rail network.”

“Over €30 billion has been invested by the EU in the European Rail Network. Encouraging people to use it makes perfect sense. While DiscoverEU is a small project now it has the potential to be as successful as other EU programmes like Erasmus.”

“I encourage those eligible to check out the website and be ready to submit applications when the application period opens from 12th -26th June” concluded MEP Hayes.


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