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New EU rules for cross-border parcel delivery charges – Hayes

New rules adopted at the European Parliament should lead to lower delivery costs for online consumers from next year, said Brian Hayes MEP.

“This is a welcome development. Currently, many online shoppers and retailers across the European Union are being confronted with high prices for deliveries to another EU country. In Ireland, 26% of our firms report online sales, but this figure could be higher if there was more confidence around delivery charges.

“It’s not just that parcels sent from one country to another can be five times more expensive than parcels sent domestically, it’s that there can be significant differences when shipping a parcel from two different EU countries to the same destination.

“For example, research conducted at the European Parliament found that sending a 2 kilogram parcel from Belgium to Italy would cost €32.80, while the same package sent from the Netherlands to Italy would cost €13.

“The European Commission is to set up a website for price comparison of parcel delivery. On this platform, both consumers and online retailers will have the possibility to check the list of prices and look for the best deals. Aside from this, courier services will have to provide customers with clear information on the delivery prices and conditions, while national postal authorities will collect data from shipping companies to monitor the market and assess unreasonably high tariffs.

“Affordable, high-quality cross-border delivery services can build trust in cross-border online sales. The cost and efficiency of parcel delivery should not be an obstacle to cross-border e-commerce. These new rules are a positive step in overcoming any barriers in this regard.”

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