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Hayes welcomes launch of #DiscoverEU offering free inter rail tickets to EU citizens

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes today (Thursday) welcomed the launch of #DiscoverEU, the EU’s new programme offering free inter rail passes to 18 year olds. The Dublin MEP was speaking after the European Commission announced details of the pilot programme for this year.

“From next week, EU citizens who turn 18 years old by the 1st July will be able to apply for a free inter rail ticket. Applications to participate in the new programme known as #DiscoverEU will be possible via the European Commissions’ website.”

“As 2018 is a pilot programme there will be a limited number of passes available, with each EU Member State receiving a quota based on population. In total over 20,000 passes will be issued. The number of passes available each year will increase, with over €700 million being allocated to the program from 2021.”

“I fully support this initiative. The EU have introduced many programmes that have benefited young people such as Erasmus+. #DiscoverEU is another way that young people can benefit from the EU and at the same time promote tourism and enhance social cohesion. It will also allow young people to learn about other countries, make new friends and discover new opportunities. It will show European citizens that the EU is much more than a law making machine.”

“By 2020 almost €30 billion will have been invested by the EU in railway infrastructure across Europe. It makes perfect sense to encourage the use of this network. #DiscoverEU will allow young people, regardless of their social and educational background the opportunity to discover Europe,” concluded MEP Hayes.

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