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Government part of EU focus to highlight benefits of vaccinations

EU resolution also asks for all healthcare practitioners to be vaccinated

Increasing ambivalence about the need to vaccinate is set to be tackled at EU level, said Brian Hayes MEP.

“The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has called on EU members states to tighten their laws against anti-vaccination movements and to better inform citizens about both the benefits and the myths,” he explained.

“More and more people choose not to be vaccinated or not to vaccinate their children, and epidemics of certain diseases such as measles are increasing as a result. In 2017, the number of reported cases of measles around the European Union increased fourfold – that is a worrying development.”

“Europe reported 21,315 cases of measles, including 35 deaths, in 2017 – an increase of 400% on 2016. With Irish people and citizens from other European countries travelling so frequently, infectious diseases can be carried so easily and Governments need to be vigilant.

“A resolution was adopted over the past week in Parliament which is calling on Governments, including our Government, to provide more information to citizens so that they can make informed decisions. Member states are also asked to consider tightening their laws on vaccination coverage and to vaccinate all health practitioners.

“Vaccination over the past number of decades has proven successful, but perhaps people have forgotten the advantages of being protected against infectious diseases and we all need to be reminded of the benefits to all of us,” he concluded.

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