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“We are playing our cards right on securing Brexit jobs” – Hayes

Brian Hayes MEP today (Monday) said that since the Brexit referendum, Ireland has secured about 2,500 jobs because of companies relocating their activities from the UK. The IDA has confirmed these figures by way of letter to Mr. Hayes.

“These numbers reveal that Ireland has made very positive initial steps in attracting jobs because of Brexit.  In the past year and a half, we have seen some major financial services players relocate part of their operations to Dublin such as JP Morgan and Barclays. This means more jobs for the Irish economy and a more developed financial services sector.

“The IDA has done a very good job in promoting Ireland but there is still much to do in attracting investment into Ireland as a result of Brexit. I believe we will start to see much more relocations being announced over the next year as the UK moves closer to exiting the EU. Banks and financial services firms are very keen to establish that foothold in the EU single market and Ireland provides a perfect gateway.

“Ireland, unlike some other countries, has been taking a subtle approach to attracting investment from Brexit and this has proved to be the best strategy.

“In particular, there has been a high degree of relocation of financial services firms to Dublin, due to our educated workforce, our well-developed financial infrastructure and a range of other favourable conditions. Clearly, this is very positive for Ireland and Dublin.”

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