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Hayes welcomes Draghi’s offer to debate Oireachtas Committee on Finance

Brian Hayes MEP today (Tuesday) welcomed comments made by ECB President Mario Draghi in the European Parliament during which he said that he would be glad to accept an invitation to the Oireacthas if he were to receive one.

“President Draghi’s comments are very welcome and it sends a positive signal that he is willing to debate the ECB’s activities with the Oireachtas Finance Committee. I have been working with the Chairman of the Committee, John McGuinness, in an effort to bring President Draghi before TDs and Senators to debate issues like Quantitative Easing and the state of the Eurozone economy.

“President Draghi has now appeared before the Parliaments of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland and Netherlands. It is expected that he will appear before the Cypriot Parliament very soon. Given the ECB’s engagement with other national parliaments, there is now a good opportunity for the ECB to engage with the Oireachtas. Ireland has been a founding member of the Eurozone since the euro was first introduced in 1999 and it is in our interest to debate the future of the single currency.

“It is my understanding that informal contact has been made between the Oireachtas Finance Committee and the ECB with a view to President Draghi appearing before the Committee. The comments made by President Draghi yesterday should deliver the positive impetus needed to ultimately bring Mr. Draghi before Irish lawmakers before he leaves office in October 2019.”

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