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Dublin needs a single Metropolitan Planning Authority – Hayes

Brian Hayes MEP today said that there is a need for a single Metropolitan Planning Authority for the four Dublin Local Authorities that will be able to provide a coordinated and consistent approach to both forward planning and also development management within the Dublin area.

“The population of Dublin increased by nearly one fifth during 2002-2016. There is currently a shortfall of 150,000 apartments in Dublin based on the current population and housing count.

“Ireland’s falling household size (two-thirds of households comprise 1-2 persons) is coming into line with the EU average. This is only going to create additional demand for smaller units – particularly apartments. Planning policy should be geared towards densification of the suburbs around Dublin and other urban areas. High density development cannot be restricted to Dublin City Centre.

 “Current planning regulations fail to meet the requirements of smaller households. These regulations force developers to only be able to build very large apartments in urban areas, which increases the development costs, is an inefficient use of land and increases the end unit prices because of the large size and resulting costs of development.

“There is extant planning permission for a total of 35,743 residential units within the four Dublin Local Authorities. However, the vast majority of these units have not yet even commenced (22,367 units).

“Once planning permission has been achieved, developers and their design team must then navigate through the various post-planning compliances that are required to be agreed with the relevant planning authority or statutory body.

“The current local authority structures are simply not working as a cohesive whole and the Dublin region is in danger of becoming ungovernable because there is no single entity to bring it all together.  Local authorities are currently competing with each other, to the detriment of would-be homeowners. One Metropolitan Planning Authority, with its own financial powers, led by a directly elected Lord Mayor, would set us on the proper strategic path to the future.

“Creating such an authority would mean significant powers being devolved by central government, but if we are to get a handle on our housing problem and provide for generations to come, this needs to happen.”

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