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No risk to small independent Car Garages – Hayes

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes has today (Monday) said that there is no risk to the future of small independent car garages following concerns that new EU legislation would remove a vital component that enabled them to repair cars.

“Concern has been expressed that new legislation (Type Approval) would allow car manufacturers to make new vehicles without an “On Board Diagnostic Connector” (OBD). This is a small device on a car that allows car garages to connect a computer and access a vehicles diagnostic data. Without an OBD it would be impossible for car garages, with the exception of the car manufacture; to do basic repairs on cars such as replace batteries or reset service reminders.”

“Understandably this has caused great concern across the industry in Ireland. In drafting the proposed legislation, the European Commission omitted in error reference to the OBD. The European Parliament position is very clear. It fully supports providing all independent car garages with unrestricted access to vehicle OBD information and has sought amendments during the ongoing negotiations, which includes the European Commission and European Council.”

“Once negotiations have concluded the European Parliament will vote on the final piece of legislation. However, as the Parliament has already adopted its position in support of maintaining OBD connectors, it would be impossible to conclude negotiations without maintaining OBD connections,” concluded MEP Hayes.


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