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3 months later, are the EU’s rules on Roaming Charges Effective? – Hayes

3 months later, are the EU’s rules on Roaming Charges Effective? – Hayes

Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Friday) launched a survey to obtain the public’s views on Roaming Charges. The Dublin MEP said, “This weekend marks 3 months since roaming charges were abolished across the EU.  Since June 15th the EUs “Roam Like at Home”, policy has been in place and as a member of the European Parliament I want to know the public’s opinions and experience.”

“As the Summer holiday period is now ending many holiday goers will be receiving their first mobile bills. I want the public to look carefully at their bills and if possible compare them to a holiday period prior to June 15th this year. Are your mobile bills cheaper? Were you charged extra for making calls? Were you charged for receiving calls? Were you charged extra for sending a text? These questions need to be asked.

“I also want to know about data usage. This was the number one reason for many people receiving large bills after holidays. The EU’s “Roam Like at Home” policy means that your data bundle can be used anywhere in Europe. However, there is a fair usage policy to prevent abuse of the system. The data allowance should be sufficient to allow you use social media, Whatsap and other popular apps. I want to know is this the case.”

“Prior to the introduction of the new rules some mobile network providers attempted to effectively maintain roaming charges by the backdoor by changing their pricing policy.  At the time, I presented these examples to the European Commission who categorically stated to me that such changes would breach the roaming regulations if enforced after June 15th. I want to ensure that this is not happening.”

“The results of the survey are important. I will present the data to the European Commission and COMREG who has responsibility to ensure that the roaming rules are implemented correctly in Ireland. If necessary, I will also seek to meet with network providers. The survey is available on my Facebook, Twitter and website


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