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Hayes welcomes new anti-terror Committee in EU Parliament

Hayes welcomes new anti-terror Committee in EU Parliament

Dublin MEP Brian Hayes has today (Sunday) supported a request to establish a special committee on terrorism in the European Parliament. The proposal by the EPP Group, of which Fine Gael are a member of is to set up a committee of MEPs to look at how efficient each EU Member State is in sharing information on potential terrorist attacks.


“Since March we have witnessed three terrorist attacks alone in the UK. Every week we read about a foiled terrorist attack somewhere in Europe. Terrorism is a big threat.”

“Security of individual Member States is clearly a matter for individual Member States but we all need to work together to help combat the threat.”

“Last year the European Parliament successfully passed legislation allowing for Passenger Name Records (PNR) to be shared with police authorities in each Member State. This is a vital tool in the fight against terrorism. It requires airlines to share information on passengers with police authorities in Member States. However, is this happening efficiently? The new Committee will allow MEPs to hold the European Commission to account and ask questions on counter terrorism methods such as PNR.”

“Terrorism is a real threat in Europe today and is evolving every day. Member States must improve co-operation to make the anti-terror fight more efficient.“ concluded MEP Hayes

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