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Brexit to have knock on effect on Irish Development NGO sector – Hayes

Brexit to have knock on effect on Irish Development NGO sector – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Wednesday) said that countries in the Developing World stand to be the biggest casualty when the UK leaves the European Union. The Fine Gael MEP who is a Member of the European Parliament’s Development Committee said that 15% of the entire European Development Fund (EDF) comes from the UK.


“The loss of the UK means a direct loss to the EU Development Fund. The EU will be faced with either reducing the total size of the budget or increasing Member State contributions to make up for the loss.”

“The EDF is the European Union’s main instrument for providing aid to developing countries.   It is worth over €30 billion and supports the poorest countries in the world in areas such as health, education, humanitarian assistance and gender equality. It is a vital source of funding to these countries.”

“It should not be forgotten that the EUs Development budget is the biggest of any major economic block in the world. 50% of all development spending in the world comes from the EU and its Members States. We have made commitments on the Sustainable Development Goals and in setting the Climate Change targets which require ongoing commitments to the poorest regions of the world.”

“Irish development NGOs will especially be affected by Brexit. Irish NGOs are funded through a variety of ways. They receive EU funds, Irish Aid funds or increasingly via the UK – through the Department for International Development. A survey recently carried out by Dochas, the umbrella group for Irish NGOs, found that 42% of their members are already experiencing a negative impact from Brexit. This is mainly due to currency fluctuations.”

“In whatever deal is concluded with the British, we must make sure that development aid doesn’t lose out,” concluded MEP Hayes.

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