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Dubliners should have their say on a directly elected Mayor – Hayes

Dubliners should have their say on a directly elected Mayor – Hayes

Government should support FF Proposal for Dublin Vote

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Sunday) said that that Government should support proposals by Fianna Fail to hold a Plebiscite on directly electing a Mayor of Dublin. The Fine Gael MEP said that after three false starts on this issue since 2001 – it is now well beyond time for the people of Dublin to decide.


“The idea of a directly elected Mayor for Dublin makes sense. Of the 28 EU Capitals, 23 have directly elected Mayors. There is a growing trend in cities for directly electing Mayors – including Manchester who will choose their Mayor next year.”

“I welcome proposals by Fianna Fail to introduce legislation to provide for a Plebiscite to be held on the issue. Dubliners have been denied their say on the issue for too long. The question needs to be put to Dublin citizens to decide.”

“Dublin has four individual Local Authorities. Each Local Authority establishes their own policies despite some attempt to work together in some key areas. However, it is inevitable that priorities change between each Local Authority. Some have additional responsibilities – for example, Dublin City Council manages the fire service for all four authorities.  While each Council collaborates on various issues, there is no effective political leadership.”

“A directly elected Mayor would provide this leadership. It would be a means by which an issue affecting all of Dublin could be dealt with. Responsibility for traffic and community policing, fire services, tourism, housing, parks, transport, planning as well as art and culture should all be under the remit of the Mayor.”

“A directly elected Mayor must have real powers and not just be a ceremonial role. The Mayor must have the capability and executive powers to make decisions for Dublin as a region. This means central Government transferring powers to the Office of Dublin Mayor and a specific Dublin Regional budget provided.”

“Political Parties have all previously committed to holding a vote on the issue. Now is the time to act.  A directly elected Mayor would increase the speed of decision-making, ensure accountability, improve services for the citizens of Dublin and it would raise the profile of Dublin – both nationally and internationally. Given the challenges of Brexit and the need for Dublin to step up to that challenge and win – establishing a clear line of authority for Dublin is also crucial for the country,” concluded MEP Hayes.

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