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Green Army: know you EU ferry & flight rights – MEP Hayes 20,000

Green Army: know you EU ferry & flight rights – MEP Hayes

Thousands Irish soccer fans travelling to Euro 16. Strong EU laws cover flights & ferries

Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes has highlighted EU laws concerning air and ferry travel within the EU and urged soccer fans to “know before you go”. If a flight or ferry is cancelled or delayed EU law says you must be given a choice between rerouting or a refund. Airlines and ferry companies are required to provide passengers with information, care and assistance, and compensation in certain circumstances.


“With thousands of Irish fans travelling to France by air and sea it’s inevitable that some will face disruption. It’s estimated that 75,000 Irish supporters will travel to France. That is the equivalent of 100 passenger jets or 15 car ferries packed to capacity. We have never competed in a championship finals so close to home and many fans will be travelling to a major championship for the first time. If you are flying or sailing and your plans are disrupted, you have strong rights and entitlements under EU law.”

“EU law sets out the rules on compensation and assistance to passengers, which airlines and ferry companies have to comply with if there is a delay or cancellation. As EU consumers we have the right to be informed of the circumstances of our journey in a timely manner and about our entitlements. Each case is treated individually and soccer fans may be entitled to meals and accommodation, be offered the option of continuing the trip or seeking a refund.”

“One of the best aspects of these laws is that not only do fans have these rights, but also companies are compelled to inform you about them. During your journey you should see set notices informing you about your rights.”

“The benefits to the Green Army are huge, but it’s vital that people ‘know before they go’. The Irish branch of the European Consumer Centre provides details on all the various European consumer rights available to us. Their website gives the legal details and a specific Euro 16 easy to read guide and we are lucky to have it on our doorstep here in Dublin.”

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