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Hayes welcomes new EU asylum law proposal

Hayes welcomes new EU asylum law proposal

Dublin MEP Brian Hayes has today (Thursday) T welcomed proposals by the European Commission to change existing asylum laws in Europe. The new laws would see migrants distributed across Europe with financial penalties imposed on countries who refuse to accept them.  The proposals, if implemented would reform existing asylum laws, known as the Dublin Regulation. The Dublin Regulation which was established in 1990 allows EU countries to send refugees back to the EU country where they first arrived. Under the new proposal this will no longer be the case.


“The Dublin Regulation as it currently stands is obsolete. In order to address the migrant crisis reform is needed. The proposals put forward by the European Commission today will allow migrants to be relocated across all of Europe rather than placing the entire burden on countries such as Italy and Greece. Countries who refuse their allocation of migrants will have financial penalties imposed on them in the region of €250,000 for each migrant refused.”

“Last year over 1.25 million migrants arrived in Europe. More than 4,000 drowned attempting to access Europe. This is a real crisis that is not going to go away.  Europe must act together. Each Member State must take responsibility and play their part, taking into account factors such as their GDP, unemployment level and population size. It is only when all the EU Member States act collectively that this issue can be dealt with. “

“I believe the proposal will be more efficient. This will make relocation and family reunification much quicker than it currently is. It will ensure that no Member State is disproportionately affected. It will also create safer conditions for migrants as it will discourage secondary movements.”

“The European Commission proposal must now be ratified by the European Parliament and the Council of Justice Ministers. I hope that this can be achieved in the coming weeks.” Concluded MEP Hayes

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