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EU wants to stop cheap labour from undercutting Irish jobs – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Tuesday) welcomed the publication of revised proposals for posted workers in the EU. The revised Directive, which affects workers temporarily transferred from one EU country to another will for the first time ensure fair wage and working conditions.


 “We all remember the scandal some years ago of the GAMA construction worker case. This case highlighted the way in which EU citizens from poorer member states could be exploited. Irish construction workers have for many years highlighted an abuse whereby their work was been undercut by cheap labour from other EU Member States. This abuse needs to be tackled and the revised Directive from the EU Commission will help in this regard.”

 “In 2014 close to 2 million European workers were posted to other EU Member States. As things stand, these workers such as Latvians working in Ireland do not have the same protections as their Irish colleagues. For example, the employer is not obliged to pay the posted worker more than the minimum wage in Ireland.”

 “This has led to serious problems in some countries where workers were hired from another EU member state and paid substantially less than their colleagues doing the same job. In some cases employers only hired posted workers in order to avoid paying higher wages.”

 “The revised Directive proposed will eliminate these situations occurring. Posted workers from other EU countries will now be obliged to receive the same pay as well as any other benefits applicable to their colleagues such as bonuses and allowances.”

 “I believe the proposed changes are an important step in facilitating respect for the rights of workers. It is unfair on workers from one country to be treated differently for doing the same job as other workers. It is equally unfair for employers to abuse the system in order to obtain cheaper labour” concluded MEP Hayes.

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