Vote Fianna Fail and you get Sinn Fein – Hayes

Speaking at a Fine Gael constituency meeting in Dun Laoghaire tonight (Thursday) Fine Gael MEP and Director of Elections, Brian Hayes said the choice facing the electorate in the coming weeks is straight forward. Those choices are – a stable Fine Gael/Labour Government or risk it all for a Fianna Fail/Sinn Fein Government.


“In every election over the past 90 years voters were offered a choice of Governments. At this election that’s different.”

“Fianna Fail’s Director of Elections has said he expects the party to win 35 seats – far short of forming a Government. This means they would have to form a Government with Sinn Fein. I believe the Irish people do not want the Sinn Fein party next or near Government after the next election. Despite what the Leader of Fianna Fail might say about Sinn Fein, can Fianna Fail be trusted on this issue? Six of their front bench spokespeople have publicly said that they would consider going into Government with Sinn Fein. A desperate party can say desperate things!”

“Fine Gael has a long-term plan to keep the recovery going. Yes we are seeing economic progress with 135,000 more people at work, but we can’t take for granted that stability and recovery will continue. We know from Greece that political instability leads to economic instability. Our plan will deliver; more and better jobs; make work pay more than welfare and allow us to make sensible investments in public services due to the resources generated by a growing economy and rising employment.”

“Voting for Fianna Fail could allow the very people who wrecked our economy back into government and a vote for Fianna Fail could end up being a vote for Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein is a tax and spend party that will destroy confidence in the economy. The Irish people have worked too hard to get the country where it is now, we cannot go back.”

“In the face of immense challenges, the current Fine Gael/Labour Government provided stable, competent Government for the past five years. We haven’t got everything right, but on the big decisions Ireland is in a much stronger position now” concluded MEP Hayes.

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