EU to step up fight against terrorism – Hayes

New EU Directive on Terrorism to be proposed

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Thursday) said that the list of new anti-terror measures proposed by the Commission is an important step in the fight against terrorism. Mr Hayes was speaking in Brussels where the European Commission announced plans for a new Directive on Terrorism.


“Europe’s vulnerability was highlighted again in the Paris attacks. It is important that Europe acts together in the fight against terrorism. The proposal by the European Commission for a new Directive on Terrorism is an important first step. Member States must protect themselves but it is equally important that all of the EU have a common definition of terrorism and work together to combat it.”

“The Directive will completely overhaul existing legislation dealing with terrorism. It will criminalise travelling within and outside the EU for terrorist purposes and the funding of terrorist operations. It will also increase law enforcement powers to deal with suspected training of terrorists and ensure the better sharing of data on suspected terrorists between EU Member States.

“One of the biggest problems faced by the EU is the threat of ‘terrorist foreign fighters’ – EU nationals who travel to conflict areas for terrorist purposes. In 2014 approximately 3,000 EU citizens travelled to conflict zones. It is now estimated to be as high as 5,000. The new Directive will ensure that information on such citizens is shared between Member States.

“The proposed Directive will also ensure that Member States share all available data on illegal weapons. This will enable the EU database to be matched with international databases and provide EU security agencies such as Europol with crucial information to track down suspected terrorists.”

“The European Commission proposals are a step in the right direction. While it will not eradicate the threat of terrorism it will provide powers and resources to help combat it. Europe cannot ignore the threat of terrorism. It’s important that we all work together to fight the threat” concluded MEP Hayes.

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