EU set to provide almost €500,000 to former Dublin workers – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Monday) said that the EU is set to provide €442,293 to former workers of PWA International which was based in Rathcoole, Co Dublin. In 2013, 108 workers in the aircraft maintenance business lost their jobs as part of a global trend towards locating maintenance repair businesses in Asia.”

“Under the EU Global Adjustment Fund member states can apply to the EU for funding to assist vulnerable workers who have been made redundant by the impacts of globalisation. The aircraft maintenance industry is one industry that has suffered. This is due to the increasing trend requiring the industry to relocate to areas where aviation is expanding such as Asia.”

“The PWA International application has been approved by the European Commission and includes measures to assist people under the age of 25 who are not currently in education, training or employment. It will be used to provide career guidance, access to education, allowances as well as arrange work placements and work experience.”

“Over the past seven years, Ireland has had nine successful applications for funding through the Globalisation Adjustment Fund. It has helped over 9,700 redundant workers, costing the EU in the region of €60 million. This is a good example of the practical support the European Union can offer its citizens. The financial support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund is an acknowledgement that European solidarity is alive and well.”

“Following the approval of the application by the European Commission, the proposal will now go before the European Parliament and EU Council for final approval in the coming weeks.”


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