It’s time for all Irish MEPs to back anti terror package- Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has called on all Irish MEPs to back the Passenger Name Record Directive. The Directive requires passenger information collected by airlines to be shared with all EU police forces.

“In February Fine Gael MEPs supported a resolution in the European Parliament on anti-terrorism measures, specially calling for the PNR Directive to be implemented by the end of this year. Some Irish MEPs chose to oppose this.”

“The European Parliament has being foot dragging since 2011 on this Directive. The Directive requires airlines to share information they gather from passengers such as passport numbers, travel dates and baggage information. This would enable authorities to identify the movements of those suspected of serious crime or terrorism.”

“As things stand the use of PNR data is not regulated at an EU level. If the Directive was passed EU Member States would be required to implement a system for gathering PNR data from airlines.”

“Europe’s vulnerability was highlighted again in the Paris attacks. I am calling on all Irish MEPs to fast track and support this Directive. Now is the time for close co-operation and a single intelligence gathering system across Europe” concluded MEP Hayes.

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