European Parliament introduce new rules to protect 120 million EU citizens every year – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today welcomed the passing of the Travel Package Directive. The European Parliament voted on the Directive today in Strasbourg which will provide greater protection for up to 120 million EU citizens each year.

“The passing of the Travel Package Directive will provide greater financial protection for EU citizens when purchasing holidays online. The Directive defines what a travel package is. The internet has made it extremely easy for travellers to log onto a single website and purchase flights, book a hotel, rent a car or purchase tourist attraction tickets.” 

“This is all very convenient for the consumer but prior to today’s vote very little protection was in place should one of the providers such as the hotel go burst. The Directive introduces new rules that will require consumers to be better informed about the products they are purchasing and the level of protection that they have.”

“The Directive also gives the traveller the right to cancel the entire travel package should the price increase by more than 8% without incurring additional charges.”

“The Directive does not cover purchases made via an advertisement on a website such as a car rental deal advertised on an airlines website. However the Directive does require such adverts to state clearly that the rental is not part of a travel package.”

“The passing of the Directive is a win win situation for EU citizens. It provides great financial protection and additional consumer rights” concluded MEP Hayes.


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