Hayes welcomes changes to European Small Claims Procedure

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has this week welcomed new rules passed by the European Parliament increasing the threshold for claims under the European small claims procedure and making the process easier. Under the new rules, EU citizens can make a claim up to the value of €5,000.

“The European small claims procedure can be used to take a case if one of the parties of that complaint is based in another EU member state. For Example an Irish citizen purchases a product online from Spain but when the product arrives it is not the same product and the company refuses to accept this.”

“Under new rules passed this week in the European Parliament, if the item is under the value of €5,000 the Irish citizen could take a case under the European small claims procedure.”

“The new changes will benefit EU citizens by providing simplified procedures for cross border dispute resolution.  It will allow citizens the opportunity to take more cases without incurring expensive court fees. The changes are pro consumer.”

“Submitting a new case is extremely easy. Citizens submit an application form and the defendant then has 30 days to reply. The small claims court then has a further 30 days to make a decision which must be enforced by all member states. There are no solicitors required and costs are kept to a minimum. ” concluded MEP Hayes.

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