Cut through EU Red Tape with SOLVE IT

Brian Hayes MEP today (XXXX) said that Irish businesses who are experiencing difficulties with public authorities in other EU Member States can have problems resolved within 10 weeks using the European Union’s ‘SOLVE IT’ website.

“SOLVEIT has a base in each EU member state but works mainly online. Issues that it can help businesses with include trade and services problems, issues with vehicles, insurance, cross border movement of funds as well as VAT refunds.”

“The services of SOLVIT are not solely unique to businesses. Individuals can also look for issues to be resolved. Irish citizens experiencing difficulties in other EU Member States with family benefits, pensions, obtaining access to education or working can all use the services of SOLVEIT.”

“SOLVEIT is not a solution for solving disputes between Irish and other EU companies or consumer issues. It also cannot help if a person or business is seeking compensation or there is a pending court case. Effectively it is a tool to cut through red tape in public authorities in EU Member States.”

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