Opponents of Trade Agreement are ‘Scaremongering’ – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (XXXX) criticised the ‘scaremongering’ that is taking place in relation to the ongoing negotiations of a trade deal between the EU and the US. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations have been taken place since 2014 and will hopefully conclude with a deal that is good for jobs and good for investment.

“I have never said that there are no risks with doing a deal with the United States. But change is inevitable. Europe needs this deal more than the United States because Europe is falling behind.”

“TTIP holds huge potential for Ireland through better market access for Irish companies in the USA. Some 21% of all Irish exports already go to the US and an additional €2.4 billion could be added to our real national income with a successful trade agreement.”

“More than any other country in Europe we are so well positioned to take up the opportunities of a TTIP deal.”

“Establishing a trade agreement means the creation of more jobs and investment in Ireland. It is about abolishing customs duty for companies, dismantling regulatory barriers and improving co-operation when establishing international standards. It means a company based in Ireland employing 30 people would be able sell their products directly to customers in the USA without paying customs taxes and other tariffs. Ultimately it means more profit for the Irish company, allowing it to expand and employ more people.”

“In any dispute between countries a means of resolving disputes has to be found. The ISDS process is transparent in that publically appointed, independent judges in public hearings will preside over the rulings. There will be no secret courts as claimed by opponents of TTIP.”

“I am not suggesting that this potential deal is without risks. I’m not suggesting it is perfect – but at the very least people should withhold their judgement until we have a final deal that can be voted upon.”

What is really depressing about the comments made so far from opponents is that they are all about party politics and trying to gain narrow party advantage. Exaggerated claims and arguments that the opponents know are baseless go unchallenged. We need a rational debate – dealing honesty with the pros and cons – rather than knee jerk reactions,” concluded Mr Hayes.

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