Paying for public transport in Dublin needs to be modernised – Hayes

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (Tuesday) Fine Gael Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes said that a contactless payment system for public transport in Dublin should be introduced. Mr Hayes made the comments following the passing of a report in the European Parliament calling for a European style “LEAP” card to be introduced.

“Allowing commuters to use their debit cards to pay for public transport would be more efficient, convenient and practical. In London for example commuters can use their debit cards to swipe onto buses and the underground.

“A similar system across Dublin Bus, Luas and the DART would have many benefits. The biggest plus is that commuters would no longer need to worry about having the correct change. It is much more convenient.

“The system would work much the same way as the Leap card. When you take a bus, Luas or Dart you hold your contactless debit card to the reader. The relevant fair is then deducted from your bank account.

“Recently it has become more expensive to pay with cash on transport services across Dublin – an initiative to get more people using Leap cards. The contactless system would mean that those who don’t use public transport regularly and do not have a Leap card are not disadvantaged when it comes to taking public transport. Additionally, it would also allow tourists to benefit.

“In order to make public transport more convenient we need to change with the times. The Leap Card has been a great success.  However, we already see new emerging payment methods such as using your smartphone with Applepay. By establishing more practical methods of paying, the use of public transport will become more attractive,” concluded Mr Hayes.

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