Hayes calls for ‘street pricing policies’ across European Airports

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes has today Sunday called for the introduction of ‘street pricing policies’ across European Airports. The Dublin MEP believes shops and restaurants should be required to charge prices comparable with similar shops on the street.

“Every year millions of European Citizens are ripped off by the exorbitant prices charged by retailers and restaurants in European airports. The cost of basic items has always been an issue in airports.”

“I believe a fair street pricing policy needs to be introduced. Shops and restaurants in airports have a monopoly. Soft drinks are often €1.50 more expensive, a standard breakfast can cost in the region of €15 and chocolate bars can be 50C or €1 more expensive. I received one complaint where a bottle of water and a cheese sandwich cost €8.20. European travellers are clearly being fleeced.”

“In the US a number of airports have signed up to a voluntary code of practice on retail and restaurant prices. I believe a similar code of practice should be established by the European Commission with European Airport authorities encouraged to participate.”

“If shops on the street sold products at these prices, consumers would avoid them. This is not always possible in our airports. Once you pass through security it can be several hours before you reach your destination. Passengers are effectively forced into paying excessive prices. It is time that a fair pricing policy is introduced across our airports” concluded Mr Hayes.

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