Dublin Councils must deliver housing after today’s allocation of €500 million

Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes, welcomed the allocation of €500 million for 6,849 local authority housing units in Dublin City and County. The funding is part of the Government’s social housing strategy and one third of all national funding is going to the four Dublin local authorities. Hayes in now calling on the local authorities to rise the challenge and deliver nearly 7,000 units in the next two years.

“After this funding announcement we need the 4 Dublin local authorities to deliver. The acute housing need in Dublin is represented in the fact that exactly one third of the funding Ministers Coffee and Kelly announced today is going to the four local authorities in Dublin.”

“In a clear sign on intent, the Minister for the Environment has given housing targets over and above what the councils themselves asked for, to ensure strong delivery. Simply put we are talking about 6,849 housing units across the city and county between now and 2017. The councils must rise to the challenge.”

“Not all of these units will be new builds. The funding is for a combination of building, buying and leasing schemes by local authorities. The portion allocated in Dublin for new builds will lead to an estimated 4,060 jobs across Dublin and is a welcome shot in the arm for the construction industry in the capital.” Concluded Mr. Hayes.

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