Sensitive and inclusive public consultation needed when naming Dublin’s roads and bridges – Hayes

Following the recent controversy over the naming of the N7 Newlands Cross flyover after journalist Veronica Guerin, Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes has called on all the Local Authorities in Dublin to introduce formal consultation process when naming our roads, bridges and tunnels.

“The family of Veronica Guerin recently asked South Dublin Councillors not to consider naming the N7 Newlands Cross flyover after the heroic journalist due to fears that the issue may turn into a ‘political football’ following comments from a Sinn Féin Councillor. It is regrettable that the opportunity to honour Veronica in this way did not happen. In our city and county we have a dearth of public infrastructure named after civic and sporting personalities, especially women.”

“I’m glad to see Fine Gael Councillors proposing a structure to the naming process in South Dublin County Council. The unseemly events surrounding the naming of the Newlands Cross flyover should never happen again.”

“I’m calling on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and Fingal County Council to agree a formal public consultation process for the naming of public infrastructure. Dublin City Council has been a leader on this issue and I was proud to attend the opening of the Rosie Hackett Bridge last May. This name was selected by councillors after local Dubliners got involved and championed various naming proposals. Dublin City’s long tradition of naming Liffey bridges after prominent Dubliners took a step into the twenty first century when the proposed name went to public consultation. It is right that we honour civic and sporting leaders while bringing together councillors, communities and the families into sensitive and inclusive consultation.”

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