Ireland can benefit from over €1billion in EU Research and Innovation Funding – Hayes

Speaking following a meeting in Strasbourg with Research and Innovation Commissioner, Carlo Moedas, Brian Hayes MEP said businesses, academics, public bodies and healthcare providers have a great opportunity to benefit from EU funding for Research and Innovation.

“Last year the European Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker announced a €315 billion stimulus plan for the European Union. A part of that fund was ring-fenced for Research and Innovation projects. This means that the options exist under this plan for businesses – both large and SMEs, universities and other bodies to apply for research funding.”

“This fund is in addition to Horizon 2020 which is the Commissions Research and Innovation fund that runs from 2014-2020. Under Horizon 2020 Ireland has the ability to draw down close to €1billion over the next 7 years. When you combine Horizon 2020 and the Jobs, Growth and Investment Plan – Ireland is in a very significant position to benefit.”

“Ireland has developed an international reputation for research and innovation. Irish researchers have been involved in some of the biggest research projects, from tackling cancer and Alzheimer’s disease to building a low carbon economy.”

“We have always had a very good success rate when it comes to research and innovation funding from the EU. Under the last programme Ireland secured over €620million in funding benefitting over 473 SME businesses, the highest number from any EU Member State. Research is an investment in our future. Great opportunities now exist and should be seized.

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