2015 is Party Year for Irish Exporters and Irish Tourism – Hayes

Fine Gael Dublin MEP and ECON committee member, Brian Hayes said today that “Now is the time for Irish exporters big and small to maximise the opportunities provided by a weak euro. Currently the euro is at a ten year low against the dollar and close to a six year low against sterling. It may go even lower as result of quantitative easing.”

“2015 is the year for a massive push by all exporters to gain market share in two very important markets, the US and the UK. The economies of both countries are also expanding, further increasing Irish export opportunities. There will never be a better opportunity than now for smaller companies considering exporting.”

“Falling energy costs and a weak euro are combining to create a unique opportunity for Irish companies to grow and expand. Irish exporters should seize the moment.

“2015 should also be a year for heavy promotion and marketing by the Irish tourist sector in traditional markets like Britain and the US. The emphasis should be on value and quality. The pound and the dollar will go much further in Ireland this year.”

“Many sectors of the Irish economy will be playing with the wind in 2015. As a new year begins confidence in strong economic growth is well justified.”

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