Freedom of Movement is fundamental EU principal which must be defended – Hayes

Dublin MEP Brian Hayes has criticised British Prime Minister David Cameron on his latest “race to the bottom contest with UKIP”.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Mr Hayes said: “By articulating in advance impossible demands David Cameron, and the Conservative Party appear to be setting themselves up for failure in their planned renegotiations of British membership of the EU. Some of the demands being made by elements of Conservative Party are not compatible with full membership of the EU. It’s important they hear that loud and clear.

“It is unfortunate that an issue of such critical importance to Britain, the EU and to Ireland is becoming entangled in internal British party politics. Electoral considerations now appear to be driving Britain’s relationship with the EU rather than the long term strategic interest of the UK. The strident anti-EU tone of some of the comments by senior British politicians is not winning any friends among other countries in the EU,” MEP Hayes continued.

“The four fundamental pillars of the EU are the free movement of goods, services, people and capital throughout the Union. It is not possible for a country to remain a full member of the Union if it insists on changing one of the fundamental pillars.  There is a real risk that hard line positions on the EU may be taken by some British parties in the coming months; positions from which it may be hard to withdraw after the general election in May 2015,” he warned.

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