Hayes Calls for a Special EU Ambassador to deal with Ebola Crisis

Fine Gael MEP for Dublin and member of the European Parliament`s Development Committee, Brian Hayes has today (Friday) said that the EU needs to respond to the Ebola crisis in a similar way to the USA.

“Almost 3,000 people have died as a result of the Ebola outbreak. To date the epidemic has been confined to Africa. Many experts have warned that unless we take further steps to fight the epidemic these figures could be significantly worse. President Obama recognises this threat by sending thousands of troops to the affected areas to assist in the building of healthcare facilities.” said Mr Hayes

“I am calling on Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative to immediately appoint a special Ambassador to co-ordinate the EU response in Ebola affected countries in tandem with the USA.”

“Humanitarian crises are complex and require practical planning. Financial support is vital but equally important is manpower and co-ordination on the ground. By combining resources with the USA the badly needed logistical support can be provided to help fight the Ebola outbreak” concluded Mr Hayes.

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