Europe needs to work with Iran to counter ISIS threat – Hayes

Speaking in the European Parliament tonight (Wednesday) Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes said that Europe needs to work with countries like Iran to counter ISIS threat.

Mr Hayes stated “We have a responsibility to work with the new Iraqi government in every way possible. ISIS represents a threat not just to Iraq but to the entire region. Clearly they will stop at nothing in fermenting their brand of fundamentalism – which is rotten to the core.”

Mr Hayes continued “Europe must be prepared to lead the international community in helping to reconstruct Iraq and also helping to defeat ISIS. Defeating ISIS must also be about defeating those brain washed young men who come from Europe and as EU citizens involve themselves as radical fighters in a part of the world they know nothing about.”

Mr Hayes further stated “I believe a new opportunity exists to forge a better relationship with Iran. Despite obvious past differences between Iran and Europe and Iran and the USA, I believe we have a common objective now in destroying ISIS and in helping the Iraqi Government in trying to rebuild their country. Iran is a key player in the region. The new President of Iran has repeatedly said that he wants to co-operate with the EU in fighting the violence and extremism of ISIS. Irans border with Iraq is over 1,700 KM. Iran has officially welcomed the formation of the government in Iraq and backs the principal of Iraqi unity as a means of stabilising security in the region.

Mr Hayes concluded “The new threat of ISIS provides an opportunity for the world and the region to work together. Europe can be a key bridge in making that happen.

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